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Burglar alarms are effective in protecting you and your property. Protect for your home or commercial property by detecting vibration or sound. Vibration and sound detectors provide early warning of an attempted intrusion by sensing entry before a burglar can even enter the property. This reduces potential damage and loss and provides home and business owners with enhanced security.

Sureline supplies and installs all types of burglar alarm systems to keep your property safe and secure. Burglar alarm sensors detect vibration, temperature, and even humidity. When triggered, burglar alarms will signal our UL Central Station immediately, and contact the proper authorities for help. We offer a complete line of burglar alarm system from cost effective solutions to large scale design and installations. Contact us today 516.731.0858, to discuss strategy, supply and installation.

We supply and install burglar alarm control panels from the industry’s top manufacturers that operate using wireless or hard-wired communication. These burglar alarm control panels are suited for both residential and commercial use and are easily expandable to secure multiple zones. Control panels can be connected to a wide range of devices, providing outstanding installation flexibility. Users can view and control their homes or businesses from anywhere via any web browser or mobile phone.

Touch-screen LCD panel is your central form of communication with your alarm system. The lighted screen provides improved reading and usability. For added convenience, you can always install a second keypad upstairs or ask for our keychain remotes, which allow you to arm and disarm your alarm from outside.

Entry sensors protect doors and windows that may be accessible to intruders. Entry sensors are designed to work on almost any window or door, including double-doors, double-hung windows, and swinging or sliding doors and windows. They provide real-time recognition of a door or window being open.

Motion detectors send a signal to an alarm system when unauthorized presence is detected. Motion detectors are a powerful and reliable component in home or commercial security. But motion detectors can also be used for other applications as well like automatically turning on lights when entering a dark room or to shut down dangerous equipment if a person gets too close.

Video cameras allow you to view your home or office while on vacation with live-stream cameras that show you activity in real-time.  Perfect for checking the house during work or seeing who’s at the door, cameras keep you in control.