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We offer a range of business security systems, and also more comprehensive control and safety features through business automation. Sureline provides comprehensive physical access control and identity management solutions to secure your facilities, assets, networks and cloud resources. We are the trusted source for innovative products, services, solutions, and know-how related to the creation, management, and use of secure identities to suit any need.

Access control systems allow you to decide who goes through which doors in a building and at what times. The access range starts with a simple system for up to two doors and moves through to sophisticated Multi-site systems. Whether the need is for a basic wall-mounted proximity card reader, a sophisticated Biometric or combination PIN, card swipe and fingerprint reader, Sureline has the most comprehensive range of access control and biometric products along with the largest number of identification systems within a coherent setup. Readers can be fitted into new or existing door entry systems or surface mounted using vandal resistant stainless steel readers. All readers can be used internally or externally. By linking the access control system to PC additional facilities such as flexible searching and reporting, full on-line help, alarm monitoring graphics, and time and attendance can be provided.

Access control is continually evolving. Keeping the access control architecture up-to-date with changes in compliance, functionality and security can be a daunting task. Sureline uses ground-breaking innovations, these solutions are focused on innovative functionality, flexibility and secure communication between devices. We offer dynamic Access Control and a broad range of solutions for secure access doors, gates, parking facilities, networks and physical assets.

  • Benefit from the highest level security and convenience in access control today
  • Dynamic support of multiple credential technologies
  • Supports a wide range of form factors including cards, fobs, wristbands and mobile devices
  • Ongoing development to deliver new features and functionality
  • Local or wide area network connectivity
  • Remote access software
  • Graphical user interface
  • CCTV integration
  • Video badging
  • Access control for the entire facility or specified areas
  • Limited access to areas by date/time and individual cardholder
  • Controlled access to elevators and parking facilities
  • Supports multiple access technologies
  • Utilizes existing system investment