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IT that evolves with your business. Fully customizable for a range of applications, Sureline’s baseband and IP video processing solutions enhance collaborative response and workflow. Digital DVI, HDMI & fiber video matrix switchers are the backbone of control room and audiovisual systems, routing the outputs of computers and other image sources to display devices located within the same room, or across buildings, campuses, and even around the world. There’s no “one-size-fits-all”, our fully custom solutions integrate a myriad of possibilities including IP connectivity, remote system control, video encoding, signal switching, video wall processing, and control room management. Sureline’s remote desktop products allow our control room management, video wall and signal processing solutions to now support remote operators, remote sources and remote destinations. Sureline offers several control room management solutions that enhance collaboration and simplify multi-user control of complex control room display systems in command and control rooms, operations centers, and other mission-critical applications.

  • Enterprise MCMSTM is a multi-user control room management system that works with Sureline’s video walls,  multiviewers and matrix switchers to enable the integration, display and control of disparate systems under a single unified interface
  • MCMS Express is a compact version of Enterprise MCMS designed exclusively for the MediaWall V video wall processor.
  • SinglePointTM KvM (SpKvM) is a small-scale control room management system that works with our multiviewers and most video wall processors to allow a single operator to control multiple source computers with a single mouse and keyboard


Enterprise-Level Control Room Management with Real-Time Remote Capabilities

Our powerful control room management software can be customized by choosing from an extensive range of hardware components. The Enterprise MCMS control room management system offers a number of benefits. Its hardware-based design creates an “air-gap” that separates operators from the system resources and keeps controlled systems separated from each other. For multi-user environments, sophisticated remote control & arbitration features that allow geo-dispersed operators to share control of system resources.


Compact, Flexible Powerful Control Room Management System

Building on the features of its Enterprise MultiPoint® Control Room Management System (Enterprise MCMS), Sureline’s MCMS Express is an innovative hardware and software platform that integrates control of disparate systems over baseband video or IP (LAN/WAN). Designed for collaborative work environments it allows up to three operators to share keyboard/mouse (KVM) control of up to 18 sources. The MCMS Express control room system provides operators with a highly-graphical control interface that is intuitive and streamlined.


IP-based KVM and Video Wall Display Control for Single-User Environments

SinglePoint KvM is a powerful integrated keyboard, video, and mouse (KVM) system that works with Sureline’s QuadView® and SuperView® Multiviewers, and MediaWall® Display Processors. SinglePoint KvM enables users to control the operation of all source computers on a multi-screen video wall or multiviewer display with a single mouse and keyboard. Both the visuals and cursor movement are displayed in real-time, providing an extremely high level of responsiveness for mission-critical applications.