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When the sun goes down, play up your home’s surroundings with controlled lighting. Smart lighting, LED bulbs, wireless light switches… those are all great things for inside the home, but can you do smart lighting outside the home? The answer is, of course, yes. In fact, outdoor lighting control is not much more complicated than indoor lighting control, and often uses exactly the same devices. You can brighten entrances, highlight landscaping and increase peace of mind while away. Customize your porch lights to turn on at dusk, off at dawn, or at specific times. Outdoor motion detectors and timers can all be integrated into your outdoor or landscape lighting to add security and convenience. Automate indoor switches to control exterior lights, low-voltage landscape transformers and much more.

By the way, don’t forget that dimming can be just as useful for outdoor lighting as for indoor lighting. You don’t always need your patio lights on at full blast, so a dimmer, especially one you control from a smart phone app (so you don’t have to get up and go indoors to adjust the lights) is a perfect solution.

  • Accent lighting to subtly show off your property’s best features
  • Architectural lighting to highlight your home’s unique beauty
  • Pool lighting to keep your nightly swims safe
  • Patio and deck lights to add excitement to your nighttime entertaining
  • Garden lighting to accentuate your stunning landscaping
  • Path lighting to guide your guests where they need to go
  • Sets schedules for outdoor lights
  • Enhances safety, makes your home look occupied
  • Saves energy by dimming lights late at night
  • Controls landscape lighting features by remote