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Make Home Feel Safe Again With Superior Protection. Introducing 24/7 protection you can truly trust to keep your home safe. Sureline installs award-winning home security systems. We protect your home with the latest wired and wireless technologies. The home security system that gives you the flexibility to live life the way you want! We install a robust, flexible system designed with you in mind. We know that in today’s busy society, you not only want to safeguard what matters most to you—your family, your pets, and your home—but you also want to do it simply and on your own terms. Sureline can help you turn your home into a smarter home with our home automation systems. With a wide range of devices that can all be remotely controlled, so you can check on your house without physically being there.

Stop crime before it can happen to your home. At Sureline your security system connects to our network of Monitoring Centers. Once your home is armed with a Sureline security and monitoring system, your home will be monitored by a state of the art security system, to help protect your home, valuables and loved ones against burglary, robbery and intruders. Your castle is armed, protected 365 days a year, 24-hours a day.

Monitoring services are the heart and soul of our security system and crime prevention, so our resources, infrastructure, technology and know-how equate to a higher comfort level with added redundancy.

  • Security Monitoring
    Our staff provides speed, accuracy and dependability.
  • Life Safety Fire Monitoring
    We know that life safety is the basis for fire monitoring. We offer complete fire protection services to our customers.
  • PERS Monitoring
    PERS monitoring services can include wellness checks, medication reminders, emergency service, inactivity and fall detection depending on the equipment installed in your home.

With ZWave door locks and ZWave deadbolts installed you can easily unlock and lock a door remotely. You can also create custom access codes for temporary guest access and easily add and delete codes on-the-fly.

Unprecedented control and customization are just a touch away. Our Touch-Screen Control Panel combines power and simplicity to create a cutting edge device that keeps your system connected and your home safe.

Forgot to arm your security system? Our easy to use, integrated system lets you control your home from anywhere. Control any part of your system and check up on your home from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Your first line of defense against break-ins are sensors. They can be placed at every point of entry to your home. The minute any of the sensors are triggered, you, the Control Panel and the monitoring center will all be alerted.

Seeing is believing, and with our range of cameras, you can see as much as you’d like of your home indoors and outdoors. Plus, you can stream live video on your smartphone, tablet or laptop, as well as save recorded clips.

Fire signals hold the highest priority in our monitoring platform. Early detection of fire and smoke is critical to protecting your home and your loved ones. If a sensor in your home is triggered we’ll respond immediately.

Save yourself time, headaches and money with our automated controls. Indoor and outdoor lighting, motion detectors and timers can all be integrated into your system to add even more security and convenience.