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Nowhere is this more evident than in the field of home video electronics. We expect to be able to watch whatever we like, whenever we want, in any room of the house — and all in true high definition. At Sureline, we meet and exceed these expectations on a daily basis. Like our whole house audio distribution services, we offer a wide range of video distribution solutions based on your individual needs.

When you choose sureline, you’ll be confident that your entire video distribution system will be setup for the best possible HD experience, customized to your home’s layout. All video components will be integrated seamlessly, making it simple for you to enjoy home entertainment at the touch of a button. Our experienced designers will help you choose from the most advanced distribution technologies available.

  • Flat screen televisions, including the latest in high definition LCD, LED and Plasma displays, optimize your viewing experience. Surelline’s team will help you choose the right fit for your home, and complete every aspect of the installation project.
  • A digital matrix system, when many TVs are located throughout a house, is an attractive solution to store all of your video sources in one convenient location. Viewers can select exactly what they want to watch on any TV throughout the home.
  • Video media management systems allow you to store all DVDs and other video media in one central database, offering incredible convenience and flexibility. There’s no need to spend time searching through stacks of movies — with our system, they will be stored electronically, all in one location.

With a whole-house distributed video system, you can watch shows from your DVD player, VCR, Satellite Dish, or Closed Circuit TV Cameras on any TV, simultaneously in any room of your home. There is no need to purchase DVD players and other video equipment for every TV because the system is centralized. The centralized components can either be hidden away in a closet, or if you prefer, mounted in an impressive rack system in your media room. Easily control the entire system through handheld remotes, wall touch screens, or even your smart phone! The only components needed in each viewing area are speakers and a TV screen. Whatever your needs, an ideal system can be custom designed for you.

  • Watch Video equipment anywhere in the home from a single video source.
  • Minimize expensive Cable/Satellite boxes.
  • Monitor what the kids are watching.
  • View and control Video equipment over Smartphone or iPad
  • New technology? Updating is a snap!

The benefits of installing audio/video distribution system in your household are limitless. Audio video systems allow you to do fun activities with family members and friends. Such solution is simple to use, so any member of the family, regardless of age and gender, can easily get involved and enjoy it.